Custom Hair Extentions
-  100% Human Hair
-  In-Salon Custom Coloring
-  Customized cut to your hair
-  Includes special brush
-  Can be straightened or curled
-  Washable
-  Will NOT pull or break hair

Our licensed hair extention specialist has over 16 years of experience to make your hair look more full and natural.  All hair pieces are custom colored in our salon, for your exact color match.  These hair extentions are made so you can take them off at night, wear in a ponytail, straight, or curly.  Easy to wash and dry, and will last up to 6 months when taken care of properly.  The best part about these extentions, no one will know you have them in!  All the stars wear them, The Kardashian Sisters, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, why not you...... 

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